"I just can't get motivated.  Where do you find your motivation?"  

This is something I get asked pretty much daily.  And it's a hard one to answer because, it's not really like that - you don't go looking for motivation and find it in a nice little package somewhere... it just comes from a desire that you either have, or you don't have.  How do you force yourself to want to do something that you just DON'T want to do? You can't.  But, you CAN force yourself to do something, whether you want to or not.  See where I'm going with this??  It's great to start off with a big burst of motivation, that's for certain.  But if you have a lot of weight to lose, part of it is going to be pushing through the parts that you don't want to push through, and days where you don't feel motivated.  Just because you start off motivated means nothing really, it just means you had a good day.  Every day, is just not going to be that way.  Really, being healthy should be a matter of priority, not a matter of desire.  If you wait around for the desire to come, you might be waiting forever.  So what you have to do, is decide that you are going to take responsibility for your health, and your body, and your life, and suck it up, and do what you have to - eat healthy, and exercise.  It doesn't matter if you feel sad about it, it doesn't matter if you don't feel like it, put your grown up pants on and just do it anyways.  And after a week, two weeks... you'll start to feel better.  Three weeks... start noticing some results.  And guess what?  THERE's your motivation. There's the time it starts getting easier, and it seems less like a chore.  

Even after losing so much weight, and being so much happier and healthier and fit than ever before, I still have soul crushing cravings that make me cry and days where the very last thing I want to do is work out. And I think that I will always and forever have days like that.  But, the difference between me and someone that keeps failing is that I have gotten good at sucking it up and realizing - it's JUST food, and it's ONLY a short period of time out of my entire day that I have to exercise - to get a LIFE CHANGING, totally unbelieveable outcome.  People, it's worth it.