So I thought I would go over a few things for all those curious about competing and where to start. 

FIRST of all, once you have that moment where you think to yourself, "I want to compete!", you should if you have not already make every effort to actually see a show.  If you can't, (even if you can, really) youtube competitions.  Youtube something like, "CBBF Bikini" or figure or physique or whatever. You should at least have a little bit of knowledge as to what it is you are getting yourself into.  

What are you getting yourself into?  

Some things to be aware of before deciding to compete: 

Competing isn't cheap. Well, if you are a guy it's not as expensive but still be prepared for some expenses.  Women competing in bikini and figure be prepared for the cost of a suit, shoes, jewelry, tan, makeup, hair if needed, possible travel or hotel expenses, etc. Then there's the cost of trainers or coaches, food, supplements if needed, and gym membership.  So if you don't have the dough, don't do the show.  

It does take a level of dedication and time, it's more than just a "hobby" -it's an entire lifestyle. It may require getting up early.  You may have to be more organized.  It may require you missing out on events that would have you staying up late, or drinking, or being around tempting foods you can't eat.  A prep is usually 12-15 weeks out from your show date. 

This is more than like, playing a basketball game with your friends as a workout or going to yoga every day.  Not that those things aren't great, but this is not the same thing, and be prepared for a new level of fitness that you may not have taken your body to before.  But the cool thing is you feel crazy strong like a super hero ;) 

It is SUUPER fun.  No really it's kind of mind blowing even.  The first show I did was surreal lol I couldn't believe what was happening to my body!  It feels amazing, you feel so confident, everyones so happy and beautiful and it's just generally an awesome experience. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing! 

You will probably want to get photos taken.  If you do be prepared to factor in the cost of that to your budget - pictures can be expensive.  Look around and ask other competitors who they like to shoot with.  

Okay so after you decide, YES you do in fact want to compete you are probably going to want to get a trainer, or a coach. Now, call me crazy, but I tend to think one should seek out a trainer who has actually competed before. Even further, seek out one who has competed a few times at least and has a good solid knowledge base - which you can base on a)how they look,  b)how they have done in past shows,  c)what will they provide? Is help with posing included?

Posing, in my opinion, is super important.  It can give you an enormous advantage, when you're great at posing.  It's all about comparisons and if you are next to a girl who has a better body than you but she has horrible posing and looks awkward on stage, and you are standing there perfectly showcasing your physique, you could win.  Sooo I can never understand having a trainer that doesn't go over posing with you or who has not been on stage posing themselves. JMO! 

If you are a brand new competitor and know nothing about the sport at all my advice is to hire someone who has competed several times, can give you all show information, posing help, diet, workout, water, all of it. 

My trainers are from Togetherfit, you can check out their facebook page here: and they do everything from weight loss to competition.  They are of course my #1 recommendation, but if you have a certain trainer you are looking into just make sure they offer everything you need to be at your best.  Hire someone you trust, and of course that you feel comfortable with seeing your progress pics each week! ;)