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The amazing girl who lost 150lbs through hard work, exercise, and diet.

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So it's been decided.  I am going to start tweeting a "douche of the day"!  Why? How? Well for a long time now I've been getting some questionable facebook messages from questionable dudes.  Dudes I like to call d...

"I wanna compete!" and Finding the Right Trainer

So I thought I would go over a few things for all those curious about competing and where to start. FIRST of all, once you have that moment where you think to yourself, "I want to compete!", you should if you have no...

Zoe's Top 5 Favourite at Home Exercises

My Extra Skin

After losing 150 lbs and sharing my story and pictures, people ask me all of the time about extra skin, stretch marks, and scars. So I am blogging about this in hopes of answering some questions that people may have about this experience.

FitStart eBook

I have had so many questions, every day from friends and followers about how I've done this, how I have lost all of this weight. What did I eat, how did I get started, how do I stay motivated, how do I exercise... It...
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FitStart eBook

Check out my new eBook, FitStart: How to Change Your Lifestyle and Lose Weight for Good!

I wrote it to help others like me who want to lose weight but have no clue where to start.

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